Pop up restaurant – Bar & tapas

– By J&L Pourcel –


The Pourcel spirit

A tandem of aspiring designers

Together and with complete freedom, they reinvented the magical atmosphere of the stone building with touches of joie de vivre. They actually designed a space that reflects not only them, but also Jacques & Laurent Pourcel and Olivier Château. It is a place that is resolutely modern with nomadic and vintage inspirations. Wonders are staged and arranged furiously in harmony as collections.


Christian Collot

Christian works with elegance, with his heart and instinct. He jostles nicely the traditional codes of decoration. He has dressed the different spaces like paintings in which, guided by a beautiful inspiration, he has arranged mirrors and heterogeneous objects, such as a large clock, remnant of the Halles de Sète, and paper mache sheep heads with intrepid and welcoming eyes.
There is the reception desk, a former 1950s bakery counter, a surgical cabinet as well as sumptuous and luminous Murano crystal chandeliers in a nod to the Jardin des sens. These objects add a magical dimension to the space. Christian imagined a simple, beautiful decoration yet stunningly exuberant and pleasantly funny.


Caroline Moulin

Young graduate of a Master in architecture, Caroline draws her inspiration from her travels and stays in cities that symbolize ultimate architecture: Paris, London, New York… and yet, she isn’t satisfied with plans and projections, and does not want to be solely considered as a contractor. She cares about the well-being of people and goes the extra mile to give a soul to the buildings she has designed.


Christian and Caroline work together with total freedom, complicity and trust. They complement and correct each other. Caroline structures Christian’s creative ideas and Christian implements Caroline’s exultation.
Together, they undeniably form a positively gifted tandem.


Graffiti and tagging artist

From his first graffiti in the wastelands of Montpellier to the giant fresco on the walls of New York, Kew has become a frequent collaborator. His first job for the Pourcel brothers was at the Carré Mer beach where he tags the walls of white planks every year. He even got himself into tattooing, a living support where he also creates universes and today, his artistic skills are in demand everywhere in the world, even by some stars.
He has totally let loose his crazy tags that animate the walls of the reception room. His XXL drawings evoke old buildings in London or New York.
Simple gray walls have become expressions of street art, cultural expressions of an unlimited and evolving imagination with meaningful messages.
The result: patterned walls with extra soul, grace and poetry.

Mitri Hourani

Lighting designer

Terminal#1 is brilliantly brought to light by this Marseillais native of Lebanon. Mitri Hourani, light designer and founder of Boboboom was chosen to highlight Terminal #1. Passionate, Hourani is a big fan of flea markets. He structures and deconstructs lampshades to give them a new life. He mixes recycling and new objects and loves materials like lace, crocheted fabrics, velvet, and even canvas, his last passion. Nothing extravagant in his work, only soft lights or vintage shades to protect the tastings and guests’ confidences in the restaurant. The ceiling of Terminal #1 is dressed with opalines and mini lampshades suspended like stars. The fountains of lights come down from the impressive frame to almost touch the ground. He has also created this wall of hanging green plants that separates the kitchen from the dining room: a plant wall dressed in macramé which plays with the light coming from the kitchens.

Jacques & Laurent Pourcel

Born under a lucky star, their mother’s who gave them a unique philosophy of life that still drives them. The inseparable twins are Jacques, audiacious cook, man of words and spirit, free and curious & Laurent, the soul of the kitchen Pourcel, culinary designer, technician, fine products lover and a leader. Shaking up the traditional boundaries of flavors, these senses gardeners have adopted a more relax attitude and style that they have refined over their travels and establishment openings in Asia, the East and Europe.
Atypical, different, double, they pursue this new adventure together, side by side. They are mostly daring creative cooks. Their passion has become their craft. Everything is a question of deep thoughts. Their journey gives them an unlimited freedom of creativity. They do not belong to any schools. They always dream of saffron or vanilla scents, orange blossom, rose jelly, olive oil… for their guests’ enjoyment. Frequent travelers, they roll out their culinary know-how in many major capitals like Tokyo, Colombo, Marrakech, Colombo, Thessaloniki… They are huge fans of Mediterranean tastes and emotions. Stimulators of events and encounters, provocative creators of lasting concepts and audacious tastes inspired by the world around them, they will endlessly shake up the culinary scene.

Olivier Château

Discreet and elegant with a sharp eye, the third musketeer is a man who rather stays away from the spotlights. Olivier is a visionary decision maker with an extensive field experience. Originally form Charentes, he fell in love with Montpellier thirty years ago. He has become a vital player in this city, knowing its business networks better than any inhabitants of Montpellier. Also a sun, culture and art lover, he hosts every year the “Carré Mer” beach restaurant, a true success story of the Pourcel group. As a free electron, he deeply relies on his intuition and experience. Loyal to the twin brothers for more than 30 years, without doubting the relevance of their association, the indispensable piece of this trio always looks out for new projects because their future succes still depends on creation and extravagance.

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