Pop up restaurant – Bar & tapas

– By J&L Pourcel –

Tapas bar

Small wonderfull Mediterranean bites

Terminal#1 is also a tapas bar where you can nibble with a glass of wine, a glass of champagne and a classic or unique cocktail.
Like a cleverly orchestrated mix, our tapas bar and wine bar area offers high stools, comfortable sofas and armchairs, high tables and low seatings.
To each its height to sip a glass of wine in the chic, cosy and relaxed atmosphere that is majestically illuminated. You’re invited to unwind and take your time to cultivate friendships with boards of the great classics of Iberian charcuterie (sumptuous bellota, notable Serrano), the tasty black cul de Bigorre, the saucissons of the Aveyron, …
Our cheese boards are selected by the cheese master Jérémy Bouby, who even refines his cheeses in his cellars in Montpellier. Top-notch artisanal sétoises are prepared by Damien Chavaillaz.
Hot Tapas signed by the Pourcel brothers are inspired by their frequent travels (crab accras, caramelized octopus, lamb samusa, Veal burger,…).
Our cold tapas (anchovy with tuna, rabbit terrine with pistachio, homemade foie gras…) will undoubtedly surprise, amaze and delight your tastebuds.
These tapas are simply delicious portions of bistro gastronomy.

Open every day from 7p.m. to 11p.m.

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