Pop up restaurant – Bar & tapas

– By J&L Pourcel –


TERMINAL#1 Gourmet Bistro in Montpellier

No more minimalism, no more sobriety. Long live the offbeat, and animated dining rooms with extra soul that humanizes the space. Long live the open kitchens where there is nothing to hide.
Long live the establishments where the chefs receive you as at home.

Terminal#1 is an unlikely place where people come to eat, drink, laugh and feast on Pourcel dishes, a nod to the Jardin des Sens. A place dedicated to the pleasure on a plate, but also to a relaxed atmosphere, where Montpellier can be found in a heteroclite and fun mix.

The kitchen By Jacques & Laurent Pourcel brings up to date authentic products, flavors and textures between robustness and lightness.
A generous kitchen without fuss, only sincerity with spontaneous and direct gourmet bistro cuisine.

Here, in this informal yet elegant atmosphere, you’ll find fresh, classic or original flavors inspired by a joyful and free spirit.

We love this new signature Pourcel to discover cuisines from the South, unveiled in all their subtlety, richness and emotions.

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